The electronic Primary HealthCare Programme (ePHC) is an innovative health care solution designed to ensure modern healthcare services can be delivered to the less privileged citizens living in regions with poor healthcare coverage. The initiative is galvanized by the specific need to extend basic healthcare solutions to the masses ensuring even those who live in the most remote parts are not left out. 

Hub and Spoke model of ePHC Solution

ePHC delivers Primary health care through the integration of accessible healthcare services by Nurses supervised by doctors who are accountable for addressing a large majority of personal healthcare needs. This includes a primary focus on:

  • Initial assessment of patient needs
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Treatment of common communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Referral to other levels of care

An Innovative Health Care Solution

The ePHC HUB and Health Center Unit (ePHC CLINICS)
For the first time in the Niger Delta’s healthcare sectors, a hub and spoke model is being used to deliver diagnosis and treatment to the inhabitants. From a HUB based in a centrally identified location (not geographically located), the medical staff oversees the operational functions within the ePHC Clinics, which are deployed to even the most remote areas.  Core to the successful deployment of this model is the e-Clinic software, which remotely connects all clinics to the HUB via cloud-based network technology.

The ePHC Clinics are purpose-designed and fabricated units, which are deployed to locations most accessible to the target population. Fundamental to the design of these clinics are durability and mobility, considering they are deployed to the most remote areas. Each clinic is equipped to offer acute and chronic disease diagnosis and treatmentfamily planningantenatal clinic, immunization, and growth monitoring.The HUB is the nerve center for the program. It provides managerial, logistics, and technical support to all the clinics. Key features of the HUB include ultra-modern medical equipmentstaff training, and skills facilitystorage, and refrigerators for vaccinations. Also available are diagnostic laboratory and screening centers for Mammogram and Cervical Screening.

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