About Us

About Us

Why eClat?

Having identified the lack of proper and efficient record management in healthcare facilities nationwide, our team has been working extensively on ideas, techniques, and innovations to improve the availability and quality of primary healthcare delivery in Nigerian healthcare space, using technology.

In 2012, we found a more disruptive and scalable business model: complete, locally built EHR (more than just an EMR) system and providing efficient, low-power consuming computers for rural primary clinics while also providing world-class support services to ensure usage and maintenance. In the end, we developed a solution with a not complex technology, enabling massive impact.

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Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to transform the quality of primary health care by providing resource tools to care providers, improving patient outcomes, increasing efficiency, and empowering stakeholders.

Our goal is to build on the market vindication we’ve had in Oyo State with 48 clinics deployed by saturating primary care facilities (public in particular) with our solution, becoming a best practice standard with wide adoption which would allow us to provide other technology-based services to stakeholders.

eClat was founded by Dr. Wallace Ogufere and Mr. Femi Olapegba.