The e-clinic software is the backbone of the ePHC healthcare solution. It’s a purposed-designed four-point technology solution for clinics, designed to move primary health centers from fragmented pen and paper records (or lack of records) to creating detailed digital patient records that can be analyzed through a central database to improve the quality of healthcare and availability of resources such as drugs and personnel. The versatility of the software makes it a useful tool for a range of care providers from the trained nurse to a specialized doctor. The software is largely designed to allow nurses to treat patients instead of clinics needing experienced doctors. The software makes diagnosis easier and treatment safer.

Turnkey ICT solution for healthcare – Power, Hardware, Software, Data management, Maintenance

Our approach has helped overcome many of the problems that hindered other similar projects from being successful. No reliance on fluctuating electricity supply from the national grid – solar to the rescue; No dependence on the Internet to work – a rich and mature architecture based on LAN (wired and wireless) and above all, all benefits of EHR in a single software.

Enables easier implementation of policies at federal, state, and local government levels

To ensure buy-in from all stakeholders and build our competitive advantage as a brand, we improve not just administration but the workflow and operations of doctors, nurses, and community health workers. We provide extensive information that helps guide diagnoses – a benefit we call “the invisible helper” – and we empower them to manage their caseload by scheduling appointments and follow-ups (instead of dealing with peaks and troughs of normal outpatient wards).


Also, health facilities can now focus more on their primary responsibilities – delivery of quality medical/health care and – and rely on the software to help them comply with regulations and policies by extracting data for sundry reports. Accurate reports are automatically extrapolated and available when due at the click of just a button.

World-class Service Level Agreement (SLA) backed support


Enterprise EMR features with custom modules for specialized services

In addition to its many standard EMR capabilities – birth, death, and cause-of-death information; clinical and other health information; amongst others – the software has custom modules for Immunization, Antenatal, Maternity, Family Planning, Obstetrics, Pediatrics (using IMCI), and Geriatrics, as recommended by the WHO and Federal Ministry of Health.

Our immunization module includes the entire EPI/NPI schedule, vaccines, and their doses. It ensures that a child cannot be given a vaccine more than as required. It also calculates the Annual Need based on the target population, manages inventory, and automatically produces charts and graphs as required by the EPI/NPI.

Our Antenatal module is so detailed for each visit, ensuring vital information is captured and in the end, the clinic can generate the Antenatal card for each patient.
Our family planning module includes all the methods and their respective pictorials.

100% Local Content

Extensive detail (detailed vital signs, symptoms presented, signs, treatments, laboratory results) captured as specified in the National Treatment Guidelines and National Standing Order which has been demystified thereby making it easy to use. We provide 24/7 support for all components of our solution.

Comprehensive Resource Tool for health workers

Software houses the entire National Standing Order, the National Standard Treatment Guidelines, and the Essential Drug Lists with detailed contraindications and side effects. This way, we make access to basic information SIMPLE and EASY.

Mobile & Web-ready – for healthcare providers and patients alike

Our solution has both mobile and web versions making it easier for health officers and patients to easily add and access health records, even on the go. Patients also can use the mobile app to integrate with their providers. Schedule appointments, view medications, trend meter (vital signs trends), medical tips, etc.

Reporting and Analytics

Seamlessly, our EMR automated integrates with DHIS2 so that at the click of a button, relevant information can be sent to the national reporting tool. Hence, FMOH gets more accurate (not doctored data as this case is now in most clinics), timely reporting. Overall, there will be improved efficiency as staff can spend more time on clinical activities

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