ePHC Project, Oyo State

Locations of the 33 ePHC clinics on the Oyo Sttate Map.
Locations of the 33 ePHC clinics on the Oyo Sttate Map.

The ePHC clinic was adopted by the Oyo state government and rolled out across the state in all 33 local government areas. Since deployment in 2013 the ePHC software has greatly transformed the healthcare system in Oyo State.  ePHC is now being used by medical and nursing staff, which has now lead to an improvement in patient management leading to better patient outcomes.

In addition to the many standard electronic medical record capabilities in the software – birth, death, and cause-of-death information; clinical and other health information; amongst others – it also has custom modules for ImmunizationAntenatalMaternityFamily Planning, Obstetrics, Pediatrics (using IMCI), and Geriatrics, as recommended by the WHO and Ministry of Health. The software was nominated and came to the second runner up at the 2015 Nigeria Health Innovation Challenge.

Health administrators have also been better equipped to manage and forecast health outcomes through access to better data and healthcare information.

More information at http://ephcoyostate.com.

Sustainability and framework for results measurement

We have identified that implementing an efficient solution is one thing, and sustaining the same over time is another. Hence, we gradually and systematically developed teams of trainers, engineers, and IT architects around our solution. After deployment and successful take-off/adoption by our clinics, we ensure our solution continually offers all the benefits and features we promised at project initiation.

This we achieve by periodic software upgrades; continuous training; replacement of faulty hardware and responsive customer care services.

We built teams of experts who perform installation, training, and maintenance activities. The activities of these teams are monitored by a management team. We even use technology to manage support activities through the use of our online portal, call center, and customer care departments.

Our direct competition is log books and paper forms. We’re competing against non-consumption and we have a Blue Ocean strategy of creating an entirely new marketplace. We visit the clinics and we’re on the ground.